Silk & Soy, to enjoy a memorable evening

The restaurant SILK is much more than a restaurant. We could say that it is a small resort hotel which include two restaurants, Silk & Spice, and Soy & Olive, in addition to a cocktail bar where you can enjoy the end of the evening, in the Still Lounge.

Located close to The Moraleja, in the CC, The Vega, the restaurant offers us to live a different night within the eternally busy life in madrid. In him, as we access, we realize that the night is going to be completely different, relaxed, comfortable and memorable. Distina for the change that we appreciate between being inside and outside, although the area in which the restaurant is located is very quiet, relaxed by the dim lights and exquisite decoration, nothing more to pass through the first aisle, enjoy, enjoyable by the great service provided by waiters and, in our case, the conductors of the orchestra, Javier and Maria, and to remember because for a few hours, we forget everything else to enjoy a dinner daring and innovative. Run by Cipri Quintas, who gave us a speech to bloggers and caused more than one put the skin of chicken, the restaurant takes us into the high thai cuisine (account with the certified Thai Select awarded by the Ministry of Commerce thai) and the best of the mediterranean gastronomy, with a special interest in the wines of our land.

The music is extraordinarily chosen, takes us from the chill out to the legendary songs of the eighties and nineties, that the cup post dinner, so de rigueur that it becomes almost mandatory in the restaurant, is a perfect end to the night. We did not have the opportunity to enjoy the terrace, but having known the inside, I don't have any fear and I can take the risk to say that insurance is the height of the restaurant.

The environment is intended both for a romantic dinner as for a business meeting. A special night that no one or nothing will stop you from enjoying. In short, choose Silk & Soy is a safe choice. You will not regret it.