Layer Cake | Cake of three floors of chocolate and Nutella


We bring you the step-by-step of a cake of several floors, a sponge cake with chocolate filling Nutella (cocoa and hazelnut) that is delicious.

tarta chocolate

This cake takes a little time, more than usual, because not only we will take care of make a cake and leave to cool, but also we have to prepare the filling, split, fill and assemble the layout but... itworth!

We are preparing for my birthday and when we bring it to the table, my family was surprised and what do you want that I tell you, those things always make illusion when one takes the time to something isn't it? In addition, he was very rich, so recomendadísima. Yes, I have to tell you that I had not prepared up to that time, and that the recipe is Soul of ObjetivoCupcake, what a wonderful dessert.

tarta de cumpleaños

In my case, we reduce a little the amounts because she developed a super-layer cake, we are left with the three floors, but in the matter of the landfill, we made the entire amount because we wanted to cover it on the outside.

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For the cake:

  • 70 ml of mild olive oil
  • 325 gr of sugar
  • 175 gr of flour
  • 25 gr of cocoa
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 2 eggs M
  • 175 ml milk
  • 175 ml of boiling water

For the filling:

  • 250 gr of butter
  • 250 gr of icing sugar
  • 180 gr nutella


In a bowl put the flour sifted together with the cocoa and the baking powder. Stir to blend and reserve.

ingredientes secos

In another bowl put the sugar with the eggs and oil, stir until you see that it forms a cream. Add the flour and company and mix carefully, until all ingredients are well incorporated.

Put to heat the water in the fire and preheat the oven to 180º.

masa bizcocho

We continue with the mass, incorporates the milk and whisk until well integrated. Now we take the boiling water (to me it also caught the attention but I had faith in the Soul, and what I did, I do not regret!) and continue stirring so that it is well incorporated. You will see the mass instead of having the typical thickness is more liquid, do not be afraid, it is as well.

Enharina the mold (first butter or oil and then with a little flour, removes it on) and check the dough. In our case we had only one mold, but if you have several of the same size as you save time and work because there would be to cut the cake. Yes, they would have to carry all the same amount.

bizcocho prehorno

What place in the oven and it depends on how we save can be between 25 and 35 minutes approximately, it is best that pinchéis with a toothpick to know if it is dry. When, we let them cool down.

For the filling, first mix the icing sugar with the butter until the mixture becomes clear and gains volume, which comes out to be about 5 minutes minimum if you do it with electric rods. After, you add the Nutella or cream de cacao and beat for three more minutes.

relleno nutella

To assemble the cake, cut it in equal parts (read “tips” below) and match the top if necessary. After, put the filling in a pastry bag and covers a layer, you get about five minutes in the fridge and continues on until the end. With what you have left over filling, covering the pie and help of a spatula so that it is as uniform as possible and to make the designs or style that most catches your attention.

layer cake

Be creative and let yourself go will make you a cake that is genuine and delicious!

tarta corazones


To be able to make a cake from many floors we have to have some instruments that we can come very well: to cut the cakes in-story symmetrical, there is a coping of cuisine that you can find in Ikea or in-store for specific baking or, well, if it's not there you can use a serrated knife and place toothpicks around the cake to know where to cut, takes a little time, but it is economic.

Think what you want to cover the cake, we made them with Nutella (cocoa) but you can cover it with fondant, ganache, etc

tarta de chocolate

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