Fish Salt: así it always comes out well

In this program... Pauline is a companion to a fish. And it also puts a face of a psychopath that comes too natural.

Pauline teaches in this program the easiest and most effective way to make a baked fish: fish, salt.

This recipe of fish to salt is certainly among my favorites. In addition to that the meat is rich, is ideal if you do not know how to cook fish, since it usually fits well and does not dry out.

This is because the salt covering the fish shaped something like a oven inside the oven, seal the fish tightly and all the juices stay inside. In addition, it takes only 2 ingredients!

When you open it is a delight: the fish is perfect, juicy and has no taste to salt.

Salted fish is also very healthy: it does not require extra fat and retains all its nutrients. If you want to know more about cooking with salt, revisá this note.

I leave you with the video.

See you soon!

Nicola Garupa




for 1 big fish

  • 1kg. of coarse salt
  • 1 whole fish


Recipe fish salt

the most simple thing in the world

1. First, ask the fishmonger to clean the fish, but by opening it as little as possible, with a pad and small “in the throat“... so of mafia-like sounds the thing.

2. Make a bed of 1 cm of coarse salt in a baking dish. Place the fish on the salt and cover with salt completely. It is important that you are fully covered. Throw droplets of water (a few) with the hand on the salt.

3. Bake about 20 minutes. This depends on the size of the fish.

4. In it, the salt will be hard. Break it and remove the fish. Open and serve.


This fish is done yes or yes, with the whole fish. If such a quantity of salt to touch the meat (what we eat) is ruined because it will be too salty. The trick in question is to seal the fish with the salt. So it will cook in its own juices, as if it was vacuum-packed.



This is the fish to the salt

there is no way you can go wrong


The flesh of the fish is literally perfect.


Pauline, dear, you never would like to have seen this face.