C’mo to keep the parsley: trick of kitchen

In this program... Coqui is not already being displayed so pliable.

Pauline and Coco teach us a little trick to keep the parsley and have it always at hand in the fridge.

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Nicola Garupa



This method is used when we are going to use the parsley is cooked. Or: in a sauce, in a tuco, baked chicken, or any dish that requires it. To have parsley so used fresh (in salads, as decoration, etc), it is best to wash it, dry it well and put it in a tupperware in the refrigerator with kitchen paper above and below. It lasts a lot!



How to store parsley: Scenes of motherhood in modern

in sequence

Coqui helps Paulina


Coqui bardea


Pauline protest and put face of “what hunger”.


Coqui greets, adorable.


Paulina drool.

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