C’mo sterilize bottles in microwave

Small programejo with the instructions to sterilize the jars in quick version: with a microwave. This method I use it only for canning very reliable as the jams and preserves sweets.



How to sterilize bottles in microwave


1) Wash well the jars and their lids.

2) Fill water up to the half and bring to the microwave oven, without lids, for maximum power, for 3 minutes or until boiling.

3)wipe them with a soft wash cloth or cotton with alcohol, inside. Also the caps.

4) Take out of the micro with care, burning, and place on the rack of the oven, with the oven on the minimum or with the door open.

4) once they are dry, you can already canning the preserves. Remember to pack whenever possible the conserved hot: warm the bottle and preserves it. If this is not possible, it is important that the vial and contents have the same temperature, because the jar can break with the difference.


How to sterilize bottles in microwave

I used them for my jams of blueberries


Watch the video: how to make blueberry jam.