C’mo do salt líquida

Each time you cook, and more when we have guests, it happens that to our salad lacks a bit of salt, or perhaps we want to look a bit into the steak that you serve to your friends. Take the salt shaker is something more common when I ask you a little bit of salt to season the food what you have seems to surprise all with the salt, but in its liquid form? Attentive, that we will explain to you how to make liquid salt.


Get liquid salt

If you want to be able to get liquid salt so that you can vaporizarla each time you want to spice up a dish every time it has come out bland, you have two options. Or purchases that have already sold since a while ago and that is quite expensive I must say (about 12 euros the bottle of 25 ml) or bet on a “I do it all myself as” , that is to say, to do it ourselves.

To make your salt liquid you do not even need tricks or gimmicks. Just two simple ingredients which I list, follow the steps that I explained and voila! you'll be able to surprise everyone at the next dinner you host in them.


How to make liquid salt:

The first thing you need, obviously, is iodized salt, which you can buy in any supermarket, and that we're going to mix with sterile water. How do you get water estirilizada? It's really simple you heat up the tap water to 100 degrees for 10 minutes.

Once you have spent those ten minutes, we take the amount of salt that we want in the water (will also depend on the amount of water that you've heated up), and let it cool.

Finally, we take a bottle with vaporizer and fill it with water with salt that we mixed.

Ready! You already have your liquid salt without that will cost little money and that all safe just aliñando the salad a very “light” that they want. Ah! tand I recommend that the bottle with the vaporizer has a nice design and you need not be very large so certain that there is much more “cool”.